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Outline of Research and Development

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Outline of Technologies

Manac provides high quality halogen products according to applications through isomer control technologies making full use of highly selective halogenation and advanced refining technologies and being supported by analysis technologies. Endowed with thorough knowledge of halogen characteristics, Manac can respond rapidly even in the case of advanced products demanded in the fields of electronic materials, pharmaceuticals, etc. by making full use of heterohalogenation and cross-coupling reactions. We shall further promote the cultivation of customer needs through our R&D framework that stresses proposal-based development to meet highly difficult demands through technology.

Research and Development / Consignment Framework

A consignment framework is established to cultivate the potential needs of customers, promote proposal-based R&D, and enable speedy realization from proposition to sample synthesis and production through close linkage of the respective departments. Further, we actively cooperate with the “government, industry, and academia” to engage in development of revolutionary syntheses and functional products through joint research with several universities and research institutes.

R&D Accomplishments

Beginning with development and application research of high performance polyimides for next-generation electronic parts, we have made great achievements in functional material and pharmaceutical fields.


Polyimide resins of excellent heat resistance and insulating properties are used in the electronic material field.
By using Manac’s own “ODPA-M” (oxydiphthalic acid anhydride), functions never seen before can be added.

● Features

(1) Excellent transparency enables use in optical material applications.
(2) Tg adjustable.
(3) Thermally adherable to parts.

● Applications

Transparent films with heat resistance, optical applications, adhesives, etc.


We have succeeded in commercial production of “PEPA” (phenylethynyl phthalic anhydride) from which high-strength structural polyimide materials can be obtained. The compound is being noted by NASA, the Japan Polyimide Conference, etc. as a key compound for new material development. Application examples: ultrahigh heat resistant materials, molding materials, aerospace materials, etc.

ODPA used in solar sail ship IKAROS

Manac succeeded in developing a new ODPA having an asymmetric molecular structure with solvent solubility, light transmitting property, flexibility, adhesive property, etc. This technology has been evaluated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and is now employed in the sail polyimide resin film of the solar sail ship “IKAROS”.

Immobilizable ethoxysilane-based disinfectant component “ETAK”

“ETAK”, which was jointly developed with Hiroshima University, can be dissolved in water, ethanol, or a mixed solvent thereof and can be immobilized on cloth, wood, glass, metal, etc. at room temperature. Reduction of spread of diseases by airborne and contact transmission can be anticipated and the substance is also effective against new types of influenza.

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Home > Research and Development > Outline of Research and Development