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Bringing into research themes by assuming function needed.
Manac pursues proposal-based development with its fundamental core technologies.

In the Research and Development Department where higher order compound synthesis technologies are integrated, researchers connect directly with the market to grasp the needs in advance and promote proposal-based research and product development.
We are also actively engaged in downstream expansion of business, cooperation among government, industry, and academia and other activities aimed at expanding our technological fields.

Through an R&D framework that stresses proposal-based development and accumulated technologies, Manac cultivates customer needs and supports new areas in the fields of electronic materials and pharmaceuticals.

Manac answers customer demands of high difficulty through higher order compound syntheses that make full use of highly selective halogenation, heterohalogenation, and cross-coupling reactions.

To answer demands of high difficulty, Manac has established a research framework for speedily performing from proposition to sample synthesis and production through close linkage of the sales, research and development, and production departments.

Flexible, high-variety low-volume type production is made possible through the use of multiple plants. A feedback system realizes unsurpassed speed while securing quality and safety.

Through strict process management and advanced analytical capabilities for which we have acquired ISO9001 certification and thoroughly adhering to GMP, Manac provides products of quality that win customer trust and satisfaction.

Home > Research and Development