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Manac shall aim at being a fair company with transparency, secure the firm trust of stakeholders and society in general, and fulfill the social responsibilities of a company.

Corporate Code of Conduct

We hereby set forth the corporate code of conduct to contribute to society through specialty chemicals. Based on chemical technologies, we shall provide products that bring about “safer and comfortable” life to our customers.

  1. We shall adhere to all laws and regulations and perform corporate activities with high ethical standards.
  2. As good corporate citizens, we shall be mindful to act fairly and equitably in accordance with public order.
  3. We shall manage corporate information appropriately, perform appropriate disclosure of information at appropriate times, and perform fair and transparent administration.
  4. We shall sever all relationships with antisocial forces.
  5. We shall respect human rights and individuality.
  6. As a publicly-traded company, we consider the trust and relationship with affiliates, shareholders, investors, employees, and local community to be important.
  7. We shall make adequate considerations for the local environment and safety.
  8. We shall provide new values to society through chemical technologies to satisfy our customers.
Enacted in July, 2006.
Manac Incorporated

Home > CSR Initiatives > Compliance