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Product Search

Enter the “Chemical Name (English or Japanese),” “Product Name”, or “CAS No.” in the corresponding input box to search for a product in Manac’s product database.

■ Chemical Name (English or Japanese)

Enter the chemical name of the product to be searched. A partial match search will be performed.
(e.g.: “Brominated polystyrene”, “brom”, etc.)
*Upper and lower case alphabetical letters are not distinguished.

■ Product Name

A partial match search of our unique products is also possible.
(e.g.: “Plasafety 1200”, “Plasafety”, “TBP”, “EB-100”, etc.)

*Upper and lower case alphabetical letters are not distinguished.

■ CAS No.

Enter the CAS No. for an exact match search.
(e.g.: ”88497-56-7”,”118-79-6”, “7647-14-5”, “7647-15-6”, etc.)

<Entry Method>

Enter a chemical or product name in “- Chemical Name/Product Name” or enter a CAS No. in “- CAS No.”.

*Simultaneous entries in “- Chemical Name/Product Name” and “- CAS No.” are not possible.

<Entry of Plural Search Conditions>

To enter plural search conditions, separate each condition with a space.
(e.g.: “sodium chloride brom potassium”, “118-79-6 7647-14-5 9-0518 3-959”, etc.)

<Search Results>

Perform the following to check the search results:

  • 1. After entering the search condition(s), click the search button.
  • 2. A list of the search results will be displayed. Click on the product to be viewed from the list.
  • 3. A details screen will be displayed.

If there are a large number of search results, the results will be displayed in several screens. Click a screen button at the bottom to view the next screen.
If there is only one search result, the details screen will be displayed directly.

<No Search Results>

All Manac products can be searched according to product category.
Click on a product category below the search box or on the Product Information page. A list of products for that category will be displayed.