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Manac, which is rooted in seawater chemistry, has provided high functionality in diverse materials to partners of such forefront technological industries as electronics, information, and pharmaceuticals through its long-accumulated technological and development strengths in bromination and iodination. We shall continue to make further efforts in proposal-based R&D and aim at expanding our business through downstream deployment of our products and provision of high added value to our products.

Business Strategies

Flame Retardant Business

As flame retardants added to plastics in the electrical and electronic fields, Manac produces and develops high performance flame retardants in which such characteristics as heat resistance, weather resistance, non-bleeding property, etc. are pursued.

Fine Chemical Business

Manac tackles bromination and iodination technologies of higher difficulty to perform speedy and timely delivery of high value-added products in the fields of functional materials, electronic materials, and pharmaceuticals.

Functional Material Field

Manac, setting its focus on the field of functional materials for next-generation electronic parts, is engaging in development and applications research of high performance polyimides with excellent transparency and heat resistance.

Electronic Material Field

Manac manufactures raw materials used in the photoconductor drums of copiers, printers, etc. and raw materials for information recording materials, such as organic EL materials for displays, etc., to support the rapid progress of digital technologies.

Pharmaceutical Field

Manac not only develops, manufactures, and supplies basic raw materials and intermediates but is also capable of integrated production up to the final bulk drug. We also support new drug development as a partner of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Health Support Business

Manac boasts a half a century of trust and achievement through providing a stable supply of highly purified seawater components to the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, etc. We shall continue to make further developments in the health support business.

Home > About Manac > Business Fields