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Making full use of bromination and iodination technologies provide products that can contribute to high functionality in forefront technological industries.

Product lines for diverse fields have been evolved and developed from the fundamental bromination technologies. We make full use of our highly evaluated synthesis technology to make high value-added products?hence our reputation, “Manac is synonymous with bromination and iodination.”

Manac products are introduced according to the business fields.

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Our “flame retardants”, “inorganic chemicals”, and “organic chemicals”, based on bromine compounds and iodine compounds, were born from our standpoint of not just simply meeting our customer’s demands but aiming at even better products. We supply products that contribute to the forefront technological industries of the respective fields.

Flame retardants are added to plastics used in the electric and electronic fields. We produce and develop high performance flame retardants with high heat resistance, weather resistance, non-bleeding property, and other characteristics that we have pursued based on our long-cultivated bromination technologies and accumulated information.

Manac supplies the pharmaceutical and food fields with non-bromine based inorganic chemicals made from various mineral components in seawater. Bromine, a minor component in seawater, is also used to continuously manufacture and stably supply inorganic bromides to the photo industry and other fields.

Based upon bromine compounds and iodine compounds, Manac develops and produces various organic chemicals. For instance, pharmaceutical products, other photographic chemicals like photographic emulsions and developers, various types of information recording materials, dyes, fragrances, and electronic materials, etc.

Home > Product Information