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Environmental Responsibility

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Environmentally Optimized Plants

The high-mix low-volume production system that is Manac’s strength is supported from an environmental aspect through efforts put into neutralizing facilities. Acidic gases, volatile organic compounds, and wastewater are treated appropriately by scrubber facilities, activated carbon adsorption facilities, and a comprehensive wastewater treatment system (biological treatment). Optimization for the environment is being promoted by performing continuous environment monitoring together with PRTR reporting.

Engagement in Global Warming Prevention and Zero Emission Measure

High-efficiency gas-fired once-through boiler

Manac not only performs energy saving activities and greening activities but has also switched to natural gas boilers to reduce CO2 emissions from a facility aspect. We are also actively engaged in the promotion of 3R (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) activities with an aim at thorough reduction of wastes. Manac shall fulfill its social responsibilities by shifting from a “problem responding model” to a “preventative model”, setting specific numerical targets for reduction, and making public its activities.

Iodine Recycling

Iodo-Finechem Corp., which was established in 2004 to perform development, manufacture, and sales of iodine-related products, promotes the recycling of iodine, which is a limited natural resource. A competitive, comprehensive iodine compound business is deployed by constructing not only an efficient production system for iodine compounds but also a system for recovering and recycling iodine from iodine wastes.

Manac’s Environmental Policy

Manac was founded and has been deploying industrial activities in the Setouchi area, which is blessed with a mild climate.
The protection of this blessed environment is also our industrial mission and we shall deploy our industrial activities with environmental protection activities as a theme of paramount importance.

  1. We shall establish frameworks and systems for environmental management and shall conduct periodic reviews and continue to make improvements concerning their implementation.
  2. We shall adhere to the various laws, agreements, etc. concerning environmental protection and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. We shall establish and promote the realization of environmental objectives and targets in our production activities, etc. in consideration of suppressing discharge to the atmosphere and reducing waste.
  4. We shall engage in the prevention of global warming mainly through energy-saving measures.
  5. We shall deploy and promote educational activities proactively to improve the environmental awareness and knowledge of all employees.
April 1, 2007
Shoji SUGINOHARA, president
Manac Incorporated

Home > CSR Initiatives > Environmental Responsibility