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Contributing globally through revolutionizing specialty chemicals. There are no limits to Manac’s technologies.

By making full use of the world-class chemical synthesis technologies of bromination and iodination, Manac realizes high functionality in various materials through technical proposals of higher order compounds, in-house development of high performance polyimides, etc.
By aiming at expanding business by steering in the direction of becoming a proposal-based R&D company, there are no limits to Manac’s evolution.

Manac endeavors to revolutionize specialty chemicals through evolving bromination and iodination technologies. The company outline, history, and philosophy of Manac having seawater chemistry as its foundation are introduced here.

Manac’s business fields are made up of the three businesses of “Flame Retardants”, “Health Support”, and “Fine Chemicals” and the three fields of “Functional Materials”, “Electronic Materials”, and “Pharmaceuticals.”

We shall fortify our overseas expansion by targeting the European and American markets as the global centers of the pharmaceutical field, and China and the Asian rising nations becoming a gigantic market in the electronic material field.

Aiming at society contributions and the global field through continuously evolving synthesis technologies for higher order compounds. This is the vision and mission of Manac as told by the president.

Home > About Manac