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Message from the President

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From Fukuyama to the World
Manac’s endeavor to revolutionize technologies continues into the global market stage.
Shoji SUGINOHARA, president

With its long-accumulated iodination and bromination technologies and development abilities as strengths, Manac engages in proposal-based R&D and is deploying pharmaceutical raw materials, information recording materials, and other products that answer the “advanced needs and potential needs” of forefront technological industries.

Although Manac was born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima in 1948, it is rooted in the salt making industry of the Setouchi area of the Edo Period. Since its establishment, Manac has been evolving the technologies born from the Seto Inland Sea to develop flame retardants and pharmaceutical raw materials. Furthermore, through its unique R&D starting with high performance polyimides, Manac has been creating highly functional products and other products of value needed by society.

MANAC, the enterprise always developing a new technology and pioneering new fields, with the firm principle of “continuously providing products with high social value”, has now embarked to the vast ocean of the global market. We will challenge for further innovation using core-technologies of “bromination/ iodination” cultivated by ocean chemicals as a compass, and will build the future of specialty chemicals by proposing high-function and high value-added products.

Mission of our management is to raise the value of all the stakeholders such as shareholders, partners, and the local communities totally, by integrating the power of our executives and employees, and will aim to establish business foundation for the sustainable growth.

Home > About Manac > Message from the President